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Dinez-in certified chef
NOOR's Recipe norjan binti ismail from BRICKFIELD
Available service(s) Dine in
  • Dine in

  • Masala Sotong

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  • Fish Head Salmon Curry with Ladies’ Finger

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  • Tiger Prawn Goreng with Aromatic Spice

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  • Mughal Nasi Briyani

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Course Meal

  • VIP Fancy Dining

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  • Bubur Kacang with Pulut

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  • Mughal Nasi Briyani

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  • Dalca

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  • Gajah Halwa

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NOOR's Recipe Woops! Please check other menu first.

Do you fancy upscale Mughal cuisine at affordable prices? Or clean and hygienically prepared Indian food in a plush oriental dining setting? Look no further than Norjan’s Delicatessen, a bespoke dining place that will trigger all your sensory nodes in taste and sight alike.

  • Chef name norjan binti ismail Bio Norjan started her culinary journey when she was 12 years old. Her mum used to call her to be a helper in the kitchen, and in the process, trained her to cook. In fact, among the siblings, Norjan displayed precocious talent in cooking and was nurtured further by her mother. One memorable saying that her mother used to tell her when passing the tacit cooking knowledge to her, “you are the one who make the food good, the food itself will not make itself good”. At the age of …. She became the personal assistant of Chef Wan by Jelita magazine editor, Maizan. She continued in this role for the next 20 plus years.
  • Location BRICKFIELD, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Spoken language(s) English, Bahasa
  • [ GUEST_SIZE ] Minimum {0}, maximum {1}
  • House rule Normal dressing, pork free
  • Jul / 2017

    Went back there for her nasi briyani. totally loving it!

  • Mar / 2017

    One of the best homemade indian cuisine i have tried before. love the Briyani and the carrot dessert!

  • Nov / 2016

    Hygiene of the chef was good as she even notified us to wash our hands before we began on the meals. No visible hazard problems. One of the better indian cuisine food that I have tasted in recent memories. The tiger prawns were succulent and fresh. Ingredients used were of the highest grade and quality. Norjan was very attentive to all our needs and made sure that we were all eaten very well and very satisfied

  • Oct / 2016

    Dessert is very nice !!! Interesting way of cook salmon with curry. All dishes is present very well and using good quality ingredients. Friendly, keep smiling. Keep serving us dishes and share her experience how she make the dishes.

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