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Dinez-in certified chef
Pasta Station Ridzal Ismail from Subang Jaya
Available service(s) Dine in Delivery Instant payment
    • Delivery

    Pasta Station Woops! Please check other menu first.

    Course Meal

    Pasta Station Woops! Please check other menu first.


    • Spaghetti Seafood in Marinara sauce

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    • Spaghetti Aglio Olio Chicken

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    • Lasagna (Chicken)

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    • Lasagna (Beef)

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    • Cinnamon Rolls

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    • Banana Butter Bread pudding (small tray)

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    • Banana Bread Butter pudding (large tray)

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    • Apple Crumble pie USJ4

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    • Apple Crumble mini pies

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    Pasta Station Woops! Please check other menu first.


    • Malay Event Catering
      Cuisine : Malay
      Serving Portion : 20-100 Pax

      - Meehoon siam
      - Nasi Tomato

      - Ayam Masak Merah
      - Stir Fried Mixed Vege
      - Paceri Nenas
      - Lamb curry

      - Egg Salad with Chili Dressing

      - Bubur Pulut Hitam
      - 2 Types of Malay Kuihs

    • Premium Western Event Catering
      Cuisine : Western
      Serving Portion : 20-50 Pax

      i. Prawn Cocktail in mini baskets
      ii. Mushroom & Chicken crostinis
      iii. Potato Salad

      iv. Lasagna Chicken or Beef
      v. Mediterranean Seafood pasta
      vi. Roast Chicken in brown gravy with cranberry sauce

      viii. Apple Crumble pie with Vanilla sauce

    • Hi-tea Menu
      Cuisine : Western
      Serving Portion : 50-150 Pax

      - Mixed Canapes (tuna/mushroom)
      - Fried Chicken wings
      - Seafood Mediterranean Pasta or Lasagna
      - Bread Butter pudding with Vanilla sauce

    • Western Party Menu
      Cuisine : Western
      Serving Portion : 10-200 Pax

      - Lasagna Chicken / Beef
      - Potato Salad

We have operated our kitchen as a Home Kitchen since 2010...taking orders for parties, private dining, supplying of ready-to-eat food to cafe outlets and participating in numerous food events and non-food events in the Klang Valley. We believe in providing quality home-standard food by giving local flavor to international recipes and enhancing flavors to traditional recipes.

  • Chef name Ridzal Ismail Bio I am a 53 yo Singapore born Malaysian, a former Army Officer in the Malaysian Armed Forces. Married with 3 daughters and quits the corporate world after two decades. Found passion in cooking since 2009 and never looked back..
  • Location Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Spoken language(s) English, Bahasa
  • [ GUEST_SIZE ] Minimum {0}, maximum {1}
  • House rule No smoking, alcohol consumption and pets.
  • Aug / 2017

    Such comfort food!

  • Delicious!

  • Mar / 2017

    Delicious chicken, very aromatic and flavourful. It was also tender and the meat came off the bone very easily. The vegetable dish was also very flavourful but I was a bit concerned as the dish tasted a little bit off/rancid. Perhaps this was my fault as I didn't pick it up soon enough and it was not refrigerated while sitting at the guardhouse

  • Mar / 2017

    Nothing fancy looking, yet deliciously tasty, that's what home cooked food is about!

  • Oct / 2016

    The lasagna was superb. Ridzal cooks his stuff with passion and this impressed me a lot.

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