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About Dinez-in

We help home chefs share their food with the world—and we lead hungry tummies to good old-fashioned home cooking!

With Dinez-in, home chefs can start running a food empire from their very own kitchens. You can welcome guests to dine with you, teach cooking classes in the comfort of home and even sell your home-made treats online.

And if you're a foodie, Dinez-in gives you a map to the best home chefs around you. Want to find laksa like you remember from granny's kitchen? Or scout oven-fresh cookies at the touch of a button? We're here to help you do exactly that. Dinez-in brings home chefs and diners together, all in one place.

It's home cooking at your fingertips.

Our Mission

Dinez-in is fueled by our commitment to making a difference. We aim to be change makers, giving our home chefs the chance to do more than just cook, serve and earn. The Dinez-in difference lies in one word: empowerment. We offer a fully-functioning platform that gives chefs the best support system, providing them with the skills they need to cultivate a sustainable business model.

From the retiree realizing a lifetime dream of running his own food business, to the busy mother of twins who juggles childcare with making ends meet, to the baking whiz who’s still a student and can’t afford to set up a café just yet--we’re here for all of them. We’re here to give them what they need to make their dreams of self-sustenance and culinary artistry a reality.

There are many things that drive us—our passion for food, our desire to revolutionise the dining industry, just to name a few. But above all, we embrace people, and we devote ourselves to their journeys of success. That is the most powerful impetus of all.

The Team
The Dinez-in Recipe
  • 3 passionate co-founders
  • Common vision to help home chefs share their culinary talents with a greater audience
  • A scoop of efficiency
  • A sprinkling of boldness
  • A handful of teamwork

Combine all together, mix well, and you’ve got Dinez-in: a bold bunch of three young Malaysian foodies setting out to stir up the local dining scene. Leaving comfort zones and cushy jobs, this trio is big on taste but bigger on ideas. And their big idea is to bring good old-fashioned home cooking to hungry tummies everywhere. But there’s a lot more to Dinez-in than meets the eye.

Contact Us E:
M: 016-210 6611

Dinez In Online Sdn Bhd

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